our service offerings

  • 1. Eyeglasses

    Our office prescribes and dispenses single vision, bifocal, trifocal, and progressive addition ophthalmic quality lenses. We carry a large inventory of high quality, name brand, designer frames at competitive prices.

  • 2. Contact Lenses

    Find a full range of contact lens services and materials including gas permeable, soft, astigmatic and multifocal lenses. We provide a comprehensive follow-up program for our contact lens patients, which we believe can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful experience.

  • 3. Lasik Surgery Consultation

    We co-manage your Lasik surgery procedure from initial examination through final follow up in conjunction with local Lasik surgery centers in whom we have a great deal of confidence. Our objective is to select only those candidates we feel have a great deal to gain from Lasik surgery, and who will have an excellent result.

  • 4. Cataract Management

    We will diagnose and follow your cataract development until such time surgical referral is appropriate. We then refer you to one of our experienced cataract surgeons and will resume your care after you are released by the surgeon.

  • 5. Glaucoma Treatment

    Our office diagnoses and treats most forms of glaucoma and consults with local glaucoma specialists in advanced or special cases.

  • 6. Eye Injury and “Red Eyes”

    We manage most superficial eye injuries and other causes of “red eyes” such as allergy, infection or foreign body.

  • 7. Dry Eye Treatment

    Dry eye syndrome can affect quality of life and lead to ocular damage. We evaluate and make individualized treatment plans that will best serve each patient."In addition, we specialize in the treatment of patients with clinically significant dry eye syndrome.


    Our office diagnoses and monitors most forms of macular disease including macular degeneration and consults with local retina specialists in advanced or special cases.

What To Expect From Your Visit To

Tuskawilla Family Eye Care

Please allow 45 minutes for the completion of your eye and vision exam in our office.
We have found that this is the time required to obtain a case history and a complete and thorough diagnosis of your visual or eye health.

Fee Schedule

Examination fees and materials charges in our office have been carefully determined and are average for our community.
Our office personnel use a printed fee schedule which is available at any time for a patient to see.

Your eye exam consists of two distinct areas:

Vision Exam

We will assess your possible need for any vision correction such as eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Eye Health Exam

This exam is designed to detect any medical problems such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration or neurological disorders.